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Sharing Our Stories – Michael Relka

As the Western Nebraska Agri-Women begins its journey to share the truth in Agriculture through this blog, we are full of excitement and a little anxiety at the same time!  Excited, because our passion for Agriculture runs deep and we hope that through this blog we can share truthful information with all of you and maybe spark a little of that same passion in you.  Anxious, because well….let’s face it…we are just normal everyday women wanting to share our stories and blogging is quite a ways out of most of our comfort zones!  Our goal is to provide you information in a variety of formats and a variety of sources, but our emphasis will be on sharing information through our own personal stories.  Our first story comes from one of our members, Michael Relka.

I am a firm believer in the family farm…I grew up on a family farm, participated in 4-H, worked on the farm during the summers, received a degree in and pursued a career in agriculture, married a man who shared my respect for the land and began our own little family farm. I believe that the family farm is a very special place to raise children and I want my kids to have the same opportunities I did to work the land and learn a trade passed down from one generation to the next.

In recent years, the family farmer has had to take on a new role. With only 2% of the population being farmers, there really is a disconnect between the people producing the food and the people consuming it. That gap has been filled by a middle man marketing the products that the farmer produces. Because of that middle man trying to make a dollar in marketing schemes, the farmer now needs to step up and tell their own stories. To truly explain to the consumer what it is we do and how we produce some of the most bountiful and safest food in the world.

I became a member of Western Nebraska Agriwomen because I believed in the ladies I met there. Each one of them had their own view on an industry that I already loved. As a group we have spent a few years discovering what makes us special. We are willing to tell each of our individual stories about agriculture to help educate the public, to explain what makes what we do more than just a job but a passion. It is this core theme that keeps resonating within our group and the reason I would encourage anyone wanting to bring the family farm to the forefront of the discussions about food, to check out our organization and spend some time with the lovely ladies who are all so passionate about agriculture.



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  1. Loved this article Michael! Thank you and your fellow “bloggers” and Agri -women! The family farm is very rapidly becoming extinct as it gets harder and harder for the small farmer to make a go of it! So sad that these little farms are being bought up by investors just needing a tax break and somewhere to reinvest their money. How sad is it someone I know wanted to purchase the 80 acres which orders his home, and he said he has penciled it out multiple times and with prices as they are, he figures AT BEST He will lose $20k, if he pays asking price fir the land. It’s just all very sad that very soon the family farmer will become extinct and farms will be owned by conglomerate farmers. Maybe they will be able to leverage their QUANTITY of crop for a better price. But the small farmer sure can’t. It’s all very sad.

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