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Sharing Our Stories – Kelly Downer

Western Nebraska Agri-Women just had their official five year anniversary of being an American Agri-Women Affiliate.  We have come a long ways in that five years thanks to the commitment and foresight of our charter members.  This article comes from one of those charter members who also served as the organizations first President.  Kelly’s roots are deep in agriculture and here she share’s a great perspective of what those roots are all about and why she is so passionate about Western Nebraska Agri-Women and helping to share our message.

I pondered on how to write this blog so as a reader you would be compelled to learn more about agriculture. Agriculture is like onions, there are many layers.  If you don’t take the time to peel back the layers you miss out on the important pieces.

I have been involved in the beef industry my entire life and this lifestyle has taught me so much. Growing up on a ranch I was witness to the circle of life every year, from baby calves being born, crops poking through the ground, and taking care of the land.  Not many people have access to this life and it is so important that I tell the story.

Every day provides a new opportunity, a new challenge, and a legacy that I am proud to pass on. Here is a day in the life of my family.

The alarm goes off at 5 A.M. and we are off and running by 7. Rations are prepared and cattle are fed throughout the morning.  Quick break for lunch then off to check the stock tanks and be sure that the cattle have plenty of water and grass.  Checking water and calves provides a great opportunity for some family time as we saddle our horses and spend the afternoon riding.  As the day progresses there is fence to be mended, water to be hauled, calves to be cared for and horses to be fed.  That evening after supper there is still plenty of daylight and time to get the haying equipment up and running.  As the sun sets our day ends.

We persevere though hail storms, floods, and droughts to feed our family and yours. We spend countless hours riding through the cows and calves producing a quality product.  Our goal is not only to leave a legacy that teaches our children the importance of work ethic, honesty, and integrity but to encourage you to learn the truth.  Our animals are our livelihood and day in and day out we strive to be the best stewards to them and the land.

Agriculture feeds the world and I am so blessed to know that I have fed someone today.


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